Good Quality Studio Monitor

Artists who are looking for the studio monitor that has excellent sound quality in a compact and affordable design, then visit at MusiciansFriend. They offer m-audio bx5 D2 active studio monitors that provide accurate monitoring and available at a very reasonable price. This brand studio monitor is a trusted set of near-field speakers in home and project studios anywhere. Using M-audio studio monitor in your program and make it as a memorable one.

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Steps to Living at the Speed of Life

Everywhere you turn today, people are in a constant rush: Hurry here! Hurry there! Free up an extra half-hour and you just might be able to squeeze one more task into your already overflowing schedule of things to do.

Unfortunately, too many of us these days mistake living fast for living well. They aren’t the same things. Rather than spend your time rushing around not enjoying life, make the decision to do just the opposite. Choose to slow down.

Below I’ve listed 7 steps that will help you get started “gearing down” to a calmer, more enjoyable pace: your own, personal, speed of life.

  1. Stop rushing

No matter how much you do or don’t do, time passes by at a steady rate. Second by second, minute by minute. You can’t change that. So accept it and pace yourself.

  1. Stop being rushed

Of course, you’ll need to spend some time telling the people around you that you’re not going to rush anymore, but it’s worth it. Take a stand: don’t let others force you into fast forward mode.

  1. Do less

It’s natural for you to start rushing about when your list of activities is jam-packed. If you really want to slow down, reduce your commitments –it’s okay to say “No” when people ask for your help and/or participation– and free up some “spare” time.

  1. Do nothing

Better yet, take #3 even further. Do less than less…. do nothing! Plan “nothing days”. These are days when you have absolutely nothing that must be done – days when anything you choose to do is the right thing to do.

  1. Do one thing at a time

If you can’t bring yourself to doing less (or nothing), then slow down by simply doing one thing at a time. You’ll focus more on each task you do (and you’ll probably complete it faster, too).

  1. Do things now

Not everything, just the stuff that really must be done today. Pay your bills when they arrive, not the day they’re due. Take out the trash when the trash is fullArticle Submission, not just on the day the garbage truck comes by.

  1. Do something for someone else

Spend an hour each week helping your favorite charity . You’ll quickly see how valuable time really is and you’ll feel great by focusing on helping others.

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Popular Guitars

As a music lover, you want to buy an affordable guitar and searching for the suitable place, then access at Guitar Center, which is the worlds largest musical instrument retailer. People can easy to find the right instrument from guitar center charleston series that really fit for your specification and will get it at a very reasonable price. They are listed all products with features, you can compare them at one place that make your selection easier. Enjoying play music.

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Be Good To Your Health

Are your working to much? You could be one of 50 million Americans taking work related health risks.

This is especially true for solo entrepreneurs, who must wear many hats.

Friends say you look great! And you feel like superman. But how healthy are you really?

Hidden risks such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, and prostrate cancer can occur without warnings.

Research reports state; “those who feel health will most likely NOT get regular doctor checkups.”

Your health is akin to your car, neglect oil changes or tune ups and you`re hitch hiking.

Self-health maintenance of bodyFind Article, mind and spirit are all wellness advantages.

So plan that much-needed vacation. You deserve a break today.

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Special Financing For Musical Instruments

Anyone wants to buy a musical instrument and need easy monthly payment option, then you can apply now musicians friend credit card. They offer special financing for their customers and listed various types of payment option in their web site, access now and choose one based on your budget. They offer its cardholders with online login and bill payment options that help you pay due without any hassle. Make use this service to buy better equipment that help you make beautiful music.

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How to Change Your Attitude Today

Sure, it’s easy to say, “Change your attitude and you’ll change your life,” but how do you do that if you don’t know what to do? After all, if changing one’s attitude was easy why don’t more people do it? Especially if it means they could be happier, more joyful, and much more successful?

Honestly, I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that changing one’s attitude doesn’t need to be difficult and, in fact, can be quite easy. . . . All you need is to consistently employ a few simple techniques and you’ll be on your way. So, to get you started, here are my 10 tips to get you started on improving your attitude. Good luck!

  • Think like you want to be

It’s tough to be happy, joyful, successful, etc. if you don’t think that you are a happy, joyful, and successful person. Think it first, then do it!

  • Smile

There’s no arguing with this one – research has shown the smiling has both psychological and physiological effects. So, put a smile on your face and you’ll be on your way to a change in attitude!

  • Immerse yourself

Read books, articles, magazines that help you understand and adopt the new attitude. Watch films or listen to music that inspires you and encourages you to change.

  • Change your actions

It’s hard to change your attitude if you keep doing the same old stuff the same old way. Do things differently to start thinking differently.

  • Change your environment

Make your environment reflect the attitude you wish to have. Create the physical spaced that makes you eager to change.

  • Follow the leader

Find someone who already has the attitude you wish to have. Follow their lead, learn from their example.

  • Help others (and help yourself)

One of the fastest ways to change your attitude is to take the focus off yourself and to help others in need.

  • Get a little help from your friends

Let everyone know what you’re doing and enlist their support to help you change and give you ideas. The more you feel like you’re part of a group effort, the more likely you are to be successful.

  • Get a pro

If the change you desire to make is a big one or is extremely radical, consider getting the help of a mentor, counselor, or coach. These professionals can reduce the time & frustration involved as well as provide you with many new ideas to help you grow.

  • Be patient

Recognize that most changes occur slowly, over an extended period of time. If you don’t get immediate results, don’t be surprised and DON’T QUIT! Keep workingComputer Technology Articles, it’ll come.

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Find How much do Guitars Cost

People who are interested in playing guitar and looking for the brand new electric guitar at an affordable price, then visit at MusiciansFriend. They offer varieties of musical instruments and related accessories from leading manufacturers. If you buy a guitar on the first time, then they provide a buying guide that help you learn about different guitar features and how much do guitars cost so on. Using this electric guitar buying guide that help you find the right one that meets all your specifications. Select your favorite guitar with more specific tastes and enjoy playing.

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Why Create Your Yearly Theme?

Did you have a theme this past year? Will you have one for next year? Themes can make your life fun and focused. Have you ever given a birthday party and asked people to bring gifts with a “garden” or “fishing” theme? I know someone who asked people to bring something they made themselves! What wonderful ideas! To actually get what you want at your party!

A theme can help you get what you want out of life, too. Anyone who is evolving, can be helped considerably by having a terrific support network. Well, themes are part of a person’s support structure, the part that comes from the inside-out. When you have a theme for the year (or month, or quarter), you will be pushed forward towards your goals automatically. Why? Your theme will help you keep focused by providing you with a starting point during your decision making process. Creating a theme is the first of 24 steps towards creating a strong “Personal Foundation,” a program that many coaches offer their clients.

A life theme can be a few words… or even one word to describe what you overall want to accomplish. What’s important is that it inspires you. Some examples are…

Forgive. I’m worth it! Financial Freedom Here I Come! Move’n on. Have fun, fun, fun in all I do! Put down roots. Be present, present be. Be a successful me. With the holidays just around the cornerFeature Articles, now is a great time to create your theme for next year.

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Practice Mutes for Violin

As a beginner of violin player, you want to buy an accessory that provides a less clear tone than metal mute, then, violin practice mutes is the best choice for you. A violin mute is a small and relatively inexpensive accessory that helps lowering the violin’s volume enough for you without any hassle. Using it for silent practice near others without disturbing them.

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Passion Pushes You Forward

The process of starting a business or choosing a career is very enjoyable and stressful at the same time. It’s a good type of stress, but stress nonetheless. One way to keep your sanity in the midst of growth is to do what you know!

Let’s say that your vision is to teach business, personal development and internet classes. Narrow the list down to 4 or 5 classes that can teach in your sleep! Well, don’t take me literally…please!! Teach classes on subjects you’ve taught before or topics with which you’re very familiar.

Or maybe your vision is to operate a full-service, 5-employee virtual assistant business – the premier place clients stop for all their services. Here comes potential client “X” wanting you to re-design a database for use on their web site. You take on the job knowing that you don’t have any knowledge about databases or web sites. My question for you is why?

If you are just starting a business or growing your career, here are some questions to ask yourself…

~~What are you passionate about? What is that “something” that you do as a volunteer or would do without being paid? ~~What do you do in your business now, that is very familiar. What would taking that skill to the next level look like? ~~What skills do you have now, that others can benefit fromFind Article, and that will generate an income for you? ~~What are you doing to build a strong business or career foundation?

Build your confidence slowly and surely as you build a strong foundation. Start with what you know! I bet you know plenty!

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